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My Place In The World

Reunion 99....Airport Hampton Inn..Call 1-800-HAMPTON and specify DELTA TROOP code DEL. Cut-off date is July 5th, and rates will not be honored after this date. No rooms are guaranteed to be available after this date. Rates are $65.00 per night. An airport shuttle is available for your convenience. If you have questions please contact Shane or me. We would also appreciate it if you would contact us if you plan to attend. We need to know as soon as possible to try to arrange for more rooms if needed. Thanks.
Hi my name is Edd Garrison. This page is a continuation of a process that started in late 1991 to find members of my army unit, D Troop 7th Sqdn. 17th Air Cav. that was re-activated at Fort Knox, Ky. in late 1967 and eventually deployed to Camp Enari near Pleiku, South Vietnam in late 1967. (exact dates to be added later) The events that began with my arrival at Fort Knox and eventually going to Vietnam have formed much of the background that affected who I am in life. While these events were good and bad at times, the memories are something I would never trade even if I had a chance. The friends I made during that period in my life are some of the closest friends I could ever hope to meet in one lifetime. As this page develops you will meet all of these friends. We are fortunate to have re-located Lt. Bill Patrick who served with D Troop as a Platoon Leader. If memory serves correctly Bill was unfortunate enough to have been one of our first WIA's along with Shane. Both were injured when a B-40 rocket hit their jeep on a road patrol in Nov. 1967. Welcome back Bill, we are glad to have you back in the family.


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